Using "ceramic" to make engine bearings, the effect is better than metal

China's hybrid ceramic bearing research and development officially opened

With the support of the state, Harbin Bearing Company and Harbin Institute of Technology cooperated in the research and application of Si3N4 silicon nitride hybrid ceramics. Hybrid Ceramic Bearings combine the excellent properties of metal and ceramics. Its main components are inner and outer ring bearing steel, stainless steel retainer and silicon nitride ceramic ball. According to the data, the mechanical and physical properties of silicon nitride ceramic balls are the best in the field of high performance bearing technology. At high temperatures, the general bearing steel ball is easy to lose strength and hardness, and the silicon nitride ceramic ball can maintain its original hardness at 400 degrees Celsius, and it will fail at 800 degrees Celsius.

Ceramic bearings will solve the problem of low efficiency and low speed of domestic bearings
The ceramic ball in the hybrid ceramic bearing has oil-free self-lubricating function, that is, when the lubricating grease is dried, the bearing can still operate normally, and the rotation speed can reach 1.5 times of the metal bearing, so that the engine can improve the combustion efficiency and increase the thrust thereof. . In order to increase the speed and range of anti-ship missiles, and to improve the long-range strike capability of China's naval vessels, when using the domestic metal aerospace bearing test, the speed increased to 40,000 rpm and began to smoke, emitting strong noise, and then holding the shaft. Stop, and according to the design requirements, the turbine rotor should reach 120,000 rpm, so we have to introduce high-speed aerospace bearings from abroad to meet the requirements.

China has become the fifth bearing producer after the United States and Japan

Now that the self-made hybrid ceramic bearing is used, the bearing directly passes the requirement of continuous operation for 5 hours, which also makes China break the foreign monopoly on China's high-end bearing. Nowadays, after AVIC's acquisition of Harbin Bearing Co., Ltd., it will invest heavily in expanding the high-performance aerospace bearing industry. Soon, hybrid ceramic bearings will become the main force in the national high-end weaponry and aerospace field, which makes China become the United States. After Japan, Sweden, etc., the fifth country that can produce aerospace ceramic bearings in large quantities.