Maintenance precautions for sewage treatment equipment

1. Sewage treatment equipment Replace the lubricating oil: open the oil hole screw inside the sealing chamber and the motor separately, release all the lubricating oil inside the sealed chamber and the motor, replace the new oil, and ensure the normal operation of the lubrication system.

2. Check the wearing parts of the sewage treatment equipment: the impeller, retaining ring, bushing, bearing seat, etc. of the submersible pump are wearing parts. First, the pump part should be removed to check whether the wearing parts are intact. Damaged and unqualified parts are strictly prohibited.

3. Demolition of the pump casing against rust: Before use in spring, the uppermost pump casing should be disassembled, and then the impeller should be turned and then closed to prevent the components from rusting and unable to start normally and burn the motor. This maintenance is especially important for water-filled motors.

4. Sewage treatment equipment Drying motor: Measure the insulation resistance of the winding and the outer casing of the submersible pump with a 500 megohm meter. If the resistance is less than 0.5 megohm, the motor moisture should be removed. The drying methods include an external drying method, a current drying method, and a combined drying method in which both are performed simultaneously. The external drying method is to use external heat source for treatment. 

Commonly used measures are: (1) blowing hot air: a blower using an electric heater (a small submersible pump for agriculture can use a hair dryer) to blow hot air to achieve the purpose of drying treatment; (2) bulb baking: In a closed box, several 200 watt bulbs are used for baking. Note that the baking temperature should not be too high and should be controlled below 125 °C; (3) Current drying: The three-phase windings of the motor can be connected in series or in parallel according to the impedance of the submersible pump and the size of the power supply, and then a variable resistor is connected to adjust the current amount. It is about 60% of the rated current value and is energized and dried.

5.To ensure the sealing of sewage treatment equipment: agricultural submersible pumps have strict requirements on sealing. If oil is found to be turbid and the water content is high when replacing the sealed indoor lubricating oil, the sealing box or sealing ring must be replaced or replaced. Ensure that its sealing performance is good.

6. Check the bearings of the sewage treatment equipment: check the upper and lower bearings of the motor part. If it is found that the wear or the clearance is too large, the new bearing must be replaced in time. It is strictly forbidden to use the disease. The inspection method is as follows: If the motor is running, a [beep" sound is generated, and the cycle is proportional to the rotational speed, and it is laborious to rotate the rotor by hand, which is a little awkward or avulsive on the bearing race; if the bearing is intermittent The "beep" sound, there is an indeterminate dead point when turning the rotor by hand, usually the ball frame is damaged, the inner ring is broken or the ball is broken. In the above situation, the bearing must be replaced to avoid further damage.

7. Ensure the bearing lubrication of the sewage treatment equipment: For the water-filled submersible pump, check the skeleton oil seal and lithium-based grease of the upper and lower end cover bearing chambers. To ensure that the bearing works in a well-lubricated state for a long time.